Natural Wicker Braided Tote bag


Ardpure water reed braided tote bag is a type of handbag made from water hyacinth stems that have been intricately woven together to create a sturdy and stylish tote. Handcrafted with care, this tote bag showcases the intricate beauty of braided wicker, adding a touch of natural elegance to your ensemble.


  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each tote bag is meticulously handwoven by skilled artisans, reflecting their dedication to creating a unique accessory that combines fashion and craftsmanship.
  • Braided Wicker Detailing: The braided wicker design adds depth and texture to the bag, creating an eye-catching visual element that complements various outfits. One of the advantages of a water reed braided tote bag is its natural and earthy aesthetic. The woven reeds create a unique texture and pattern, giving the bag a rustic and bohemian vibe.
  • Natural Aesthetic: Made from natural wicker, this tote bag embraces a rustic aesthetic that effortlessly complements casual and bohemian-inspired looks.
  • Spacious Interior: With ample room, this tote bag accommodates your essentials while maintaining an uncluttered and fashionable appearance.
  • Durable and Practical: Crafted with sturdy wicker, this tote bag is designed to withstand daily wear, making it a reliable companion for your busy lifestyle.
  • Versatile Carrying: The comfortable handles allow you to carry the bag by hand or over your shoulder, providing versatility and comfort for your on-the-go needs.  It’s a versatile accessory that can be used for beach outings, shopping trips, or even as a stylish everyday bag.
  • Lightweight and Water resistance: Another benefit of water reed bags is their lightweight nature. The reeds are lightweight, making the bag comfortable to carry even when it’s filled with your belongings. Additionally, water reeds are slightly water-resistant, which means they can handle light splashes or brief exposure to moisture without significant damage.

However, it’s important to note that water reed bags may not be entirely waterproof, so it’s best to avoid exposing them to heavy rain or submerging them in water for extended periods.

Overall, a water reed braided tote bag is a fashionable and eco-friendly accessory that combines functionality with a natural and bohemian aesthetic. Its sturdy construction, lightweight design, and unique texture make it a great choice for those who appreciate handcrafted and sustainable fashion.

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of the product, slight variations in color, texture, and weave may occur, enhancing its individuality.


Top L – 15"
Width – 5"
Height – 11"
Base L – 12"


Water Hyacinth (water reed)


Natural Brown


Tote Bag


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  • Wipe gently with a wet/damp cloth and sun dry.
  • Under extreme humidity weather may sometimes lead to development of dusty layer or fungus. However, it can be easily resolved by cleaning with mild vinegar solution (1:3) followed by drying in the sun.
  • Store them in open space.


  • Do not machine wash
  • Grass products love sun and air. Do not store them in dark places for long.

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