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Inception Story

Founder, Sunakshi Agarwal, in her own words is – “an accidental entrepreneur, though I come from a family of businessmen. Ardpure started in the pursuit of bringing in healthier life choices. I was overwhelmed by the adulteration of every product we use on a regular basis, right from the oil we use to the rice we eat.

I was quite worried about the potential negative effects such products would have on the health of my family. I started my research and search for alternatives. Surprisingly, returning to the good old days of unadulterated simple, naturally obtained products was the solution.
But I couldn’t find a good enough company to meet my needs. So I made the decision to create my own brand in order to take care of my family and assist others to take care of theirs.”

Ardpure was born.

As a brand, Ardpure now addresses three areas of concern for the consumer: food, skincare and decor. I believe a huge factor in our well-being comes from what we eat and what we choose to use daily. And it makes me happy to realise that a lot of people share my belief.

Finding my roots in the Brahmaputra Basin, every single ingredient that goes into our bags & bottles finds its source in a pollution-free environment. For me, the purity of ingredients is paramount. Each of our ingredients is sustainably sourced from indigenous villages of Northeast, India where the soil is untampered with, and the air is as pure as it gets. As a token of gratitude, We make sure to give back to our homeland by using plastic-free packaging, using no chemicals, and buying only from locals.

At Ardpure, we will continue to celebrate the beauty and richness of India! It is exciting to incorporate indigenous, ancient ingredients whose benefits we have probably heard of but never really experienced for ourselves.

We will continue to marry the old and the new!