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Inception Story

Our story began in 2017 when our founder, Sunakshi Agarwal (SRCC and NUS graduate) returned to India. Fueled by a realization that the food we consume plays a pivotal role in shaping our overall well-being, she began her entrepreneurial journey in the basins of Brahmaputra with a direct access to
world class tea.

This soon expanded beyond just dietary considerations when she uncovered her father’s allergic reaction to commercially available soaps. This revelationĀ became the catalyst for a new mission – a mission to understand andĀ appreciate the significance of what we apply on our skin and its direct impactĀ on our health.

As the journey continued, the quest for eco-friendly and distinctive packagingĀ for our products led her to a group of water hyacinth weavers. This encounterĀ became more than just a sourcing opportunity; it became a lesson in theĀ interconnectedness of emotional satisfaction and well-being.

Choosing handmade not only brought joy and satisfaction but also played aĀ role in supporting the livelihoods of countless weavers across the country. ThisĀ became a cornerstone in the development of our brand, where every productĀ is crafted with care, intention, and a commitment to fostering well-being, bothĀ for the consumers and the artisans.

Our brand story is one of a heartfelt journey that started with a simpleĀ observation and evolved into a mission to promote a holistic approach toĀ health and happiness.