Tan Removal Artisan Soap Bar

ARDPURE soaps are handcrafted with natural oils, butters and botanicals. They are made in small batches to offer best quality soaps to the customers. We do not support added chemical color approach and use only plant based ingredients to bring out the vibrance. For instance, activated charcoal is used to bring out black and grey color in soaps and so on.

TAN REMOVAL SOAP has been crafted with luxurious ingredients: sandalwood oil, lemon oil, organic turmeric, cocoa butter, olive oil and more. These work together to get rid of the summer tan and lighten the tan lines (with regular usage). They are effective for acne breakouts and dark spots as well and help in minimizing them.

These bars smell heavenly owing to the sandalwood oil. Lemon oil and turmeric offers anti – bacterial properties to the bar.  Grab these bars today to bath in an aromatic and therapeutic ambience!



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Tan Removal Artisan Soap Bar


P.S.: You might be concerned about lye in soaps. Well yes, lye is a necessary ingredient to make soap. But the truth is that during the saponification process, the reaction between lye and oils results in 100% safe to use soap and no lye leftovers. Also, we cure our soaps for 4-5 weeks to prevent any issues, whatsoever. So dont stress about it while using our soaps at all!


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